ISIKHWEBU is translated in english as “a cornstick”, “sweet pole”....  

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A background information about us and what we stand for

About Us

Just a little background about Isikhwebu Solutsha

ISIKHWEBU is translated in english as “a cornstick”, “sweet pole”, “butterpop” or “long maize”. SOLUTSHA means "youth". As we all know maize is the staple food for many countries in the continent of Africa. Most challenges we face are youth-related. Isikhwebu Solutsha resemble the unity in providing sustainable life. Isikhwebu Solutsha is a community based project that seeks to encourage life, hope and entertainment through education, sport, arts and culture. Our Slogan:Together we can build our world

To be an effective organization in developing and assisting youth in finding opportunities in the fields of Education (skills development, HIV & AIDS), Leadership (Role modeling, Entrepreneurship) Arts, Culture and Sport.

Offering guidance and developing future leaders by offering necessary skills and opportunities that will enable them to make an impact and change the world that they live in.

  • Ubuntu
  • Unity
  • Active Participation
  • Social Cohesion
  • Respect

Donating to Isikhwebu Solutsha NPC

Below are variours options that can be used to donate to our organisation

1. Lend a hand

Isikhwebu Solutsha will gladly appreciate any helping hand. The following are some of the items that can be donated:

Services and projects

A selection of our services and projects

Our Services

  • Club Development
  • Interventions and Capacity building
  • Organisation Administration - Sport, Arts and Culture sector
  • Entrepreneural training and coaching
  • Assist youth to form Cooperatives.
  • Career Guidance and Counseling.
  • Coaching and Mentoring.
  • Motivational speaking.
  • Consult with sporting, arts and culture bodies and federations.

Flagship Projects

  • Career Guidance and Expo
  • NPO workshops
  • Small Business and cooperative summit
  • Harvestime annual arts and culture festival
  • Brighter Stars Sports tournaments
  • Isikhwebu Solutsha Annual Awards and Gala
  • Lifestyle diseases conference
  • Life skills programme

Putting the Youth First

Isikhwebu Solutsha seeks to address the challenges that the youth encounter in their daily lives

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19 Baker Str, Vorna Valley, Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, 1686

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